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Remember fifteen or so years ago, when you couldn’t think of any place you’d rather be than in a seething pit of thrashing music fans all vying for the dubious pleasure of being the next in line to toss themselves off the stage.

Right, it may have been a while, but even if your memories of falling into the waiting arms of a sea of sweaty strangers (or getting dumped on your ass on the floor) have faded, chances are that at some point or another, you probably thought that was a perfect way to spend an evening. Better yet, we’re betting you’ve got the pictures to prove it.

Bottom line… We’ll show you ours if you show us yours.


Upload a photo from the ’90s to Moist’s family album. We’ll take shots of you, shots of us, shots of virtually anything Moist or 90s related – you in full combat gear, with crazy hair, dubious piercings and ill-considered tattoos, ‘then and now’ shots – bring ‘em on.

Show no fear. After all, you couldn’t possibly look more ridiculous than this guy > > >

The Gallery

band 7

crowd and david

1999 junos

david live shot

Floria (Basement)

Sandra with Mark,1999, Café du Palais, Sherbrooke

Moist @ Beachfest (Sep. 6, 1999)

London London Music Hall, November 2013. Holly, David & Kriss

Creature Soundcheck

band 1

Alt Floria Comp 1994

Rockin in Lloydminster

1997 7 wrestling

big hairy kev

23 Oct 2003 Club Soda TC

David B&W

above drumheller

Gasoline Video Shoot

Moist @ Beachfest (Sep. 6, 1999)

kevin in action

Kevin in Pink

Moist made my day, my day was maid Moist.

2000 canada flags

Early Live Shot

2001 Saskatoon Blue Monday

Creature Promo 1996

Moist @ Beachfest (Sep. 6, 1999)

Candid Promo Shot

The Orange Wall

Creature Wall

Izabelle from Quebec City w/ Mark, 31 Dec 1997, Ottawa, NYE show


Moist @ Oakville Waterfront Festival (Jun. 26, 2000)

band 6

david in crowd 1


David Reaching

With Jeff – London show