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Remember fifteen or so years ago, when you couldn’t think of any place you’d rather be than in a seething pit of thrashing music fans all vying for the dubious pleasure of being the next in line to toss themselves off the stage.

Right, it may have been a while, but even if your memories of falling into the waiting arms of a sea of sweaty strangers (or getting dumped on your ass on the floor) have faded, chances are that at some point or another, you probably thought that was a perfect way to spend an evening. Better yet, we’re betting you’ve got the pictures to prove it.

Bottom line… We’ll show you ours if you show us yours.


Upload a photo from the ’90s to Moist’s family album. We’ll take shots of you, shots of us, shots of virtually anything Moist or 90s related – you in full combat gear, with crazy hair, dubious piercings and ill-considered tattoos, ‘then and now’ shots – bring ‘em on.

Show no fear. After all, you couldn’t possibly look more ridiculous than this guy > > >

The Gallery

david live shot

Kevin in Pink

crowd and david

Gasoline Video Shoot

23 Oct 2003 Club Soda TC

1999 junos

Floria (Basement)

Moist @ Beachfest (Sep. 6, 1999)

Moist made my day, my day was maid Moist.

big hairy kev

Izabelle from Quebec City w/ Mark, 31 Dec 1997, Ottawa, NYE show

The Orange Wall

david in crowd 1


David B&W

Alt Floria Comp 1994

With Jeff – London show

2001 Saskatoon Blue Monday

1997 7 wrestling

above drumheller

Sandra with Mark,1999, Café du Palais, Sherbrooke

band 1

kevin in action

Rockin in Lloydminster


2000 canada flags

Early Live Shot

Moist @ Oakville Waterfront Festival (Jun. 26, 2000)

Moist @ Beachfest (Sep. 6, 1999)

David Reaching

Creature Soundcheck

band 7

Moist @ Beachfest (Sep. 6, 1999)

band 6

Candid Promo Shot

Creature Wall

Creature Promo 1996

London London Music Hall, November 2013. Holly, David & Kriss